Concept Art

I had to translate a 2d drawing into 3d using a projection trick. It was really fun to do!

This was half-inspired by the last scene in one of the Iron Man movies where Tony is in a falafel place. The bar setting looked simple but the mood that it set was very nice.

I drew some sketches of an amalgamation of ancient Greek/Victorian era architecture for a personal project with my friends. This one is a coloured rough of those sketches.

These are concepts of European-themed settings.

After my graphic design job, I wanted to focus on creating simple, fun, one image stories, which eventually expanded into an illustrative set on animals

I had the chance to study ancient civilizations and their weapons, which was awesome. My favorite part of this experience was drawing the Persian soldiers and their weapons.

I also designed samurais.

I recently began doing birthday illustrations for people in my spare time. This is one I did for my friend.

This was done as an assignment for one of my favorite teachers. He had us create a drawing using free textures found online. I tried going for something crazy. I hope it doesn't offend anyone!

I designed a scene of the aftermath of a battle. This was all vector art, which was really cool because everybody usually asks me to render my illustrations in a painterly style.


This is my recent work as a conceptual artist.


illustration, concept art, animals, research, roughs, digital paintings